WLSC is involved in both in-house and state, national, and international levels of competition.


To conclude the nippers program each year, WLSC holds the annual Club Championships. All members (Nippers to Masters) are welcome to compete in a range of events including surf race, beach sprint and flags. All competitors are placed into one of the following four club houses:

       Birt       Gilmour         Milkins      Slavin    

Competitors accumulate points for their house throughout the Championships to compete for the club cup. Individual age group winners are also awarded with medals on the day. 

Our Club Championships for the 2021/2022 originally dated 22nd January 2022 have been postponed. 

IRB Competition

WLSC has been involved in State, National and International level IRB competitions for many years. IRB Racing is a surf sport where life saving club teams race IRBs under competitive conditions. There are 5 categories of events which include: IRB Rescue, IRB Rescue-Tube Rescue, Mass Rescue, Teams Rescue and IRB Relay. The specifics of each event can be found below. 

  • IRB Rescue: A team of one driver and one crew person race out to sea to collect a patient and return to shore. 
  • IRB Rescue-Tube Rescue: Similar to the IRB Rescue, the crew person must swim with a rescue tube to collect a patient and return to the boat to then race back into shore. 
  • Mass Rescue: A team of one driver and one crew person must collect one patient, return to shore, and head back out to seat to collect a second patient. 
  • Teams Rescue: Similar to the mass rescue, an additional team is incorporated into the event to do a changeover after the first team has collected their patient. 
  • IRB Relay: This is a continuous relay involving each of the events described above. 

The IRB competitions provide a great opportunity for our patrolling members to refine their life saving skills. Our competitors have had the privilege and experience of racing at local Victorian carnivals as well as the Australian Surf Life Saving IRB Championships and World Life Saving Championships. 

The 2021/2022 IRB season carnival dates are as follows:

  • Round 1: Saturday 23rd and/or Sunday 24th April
  • Round 2: Saturday 7th and/or Sunday 8th May
  • Round 3: Saturday 21st and/or Sunday 22nd May
  • Round 4: Saturday 28th and/or Sunday 29th May
  • Round 5: Saturday 11th and/or Sunday 12th June
  • Victorian IRB Championships: Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June


WLSC supports any individual and/or teams that want to pursue other lifesaving competitions held across the state, nation and world. Please speak with a committee member to discuss your interest and we will help you put on the Wonthaggi black cap for us!